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First things first, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read what I write. You might never know what it means to me, but I’d like to try and tell you the answer is a lot.

Second things second, if you stumbled on my profile or on something I wrote you might have noticed I seem to have a keen affinity for the phrase Luceat Lux Vestra, which I never explain and I won’t. You gotta keep a certain air of mystery, right?

I mean you could always google it, and I’ll save you the trouble, it’s…

A poem

I remember the first time your lips touched me
It felt like peace finally met harmony
I don’t want to limit it by describing it
Funny I write about everything
And I mean everything and yet you’re the one thing
Writing about you seems to be the one thing I can’t do

I want to protect you from the lyricism of my mind
Writing is like using a microscope
And it’s not like I don’t think you can cope
I know the beauty of you and me
Most definetly can survive scrutiny

It’s just that you make me feel present

A poem

Knowing you is a sunset on a day spent at the beach
Cheeks red shy from the sun
Sandy towels on your shoulders
Laughter galore and fun
You’re nowhere else but here
Everything is blurry and hearts are full
Walking back to the car
You don’t want to go but can’t wait to shower

Im in front of the car
I pull out my keys reluctantly
I don’t want to leave you in this bar
I don’t want to wash you off me
If only sunsets lasted eternally

Because when the sun comes down
Our sea-monsters come out and growl…

A short poem about us

I am in utter reverence of the beauty of oneness
The grace of unity in the face of adversity
The humanity beneath the beast
The man behind the legend is the realest part of the story
For the cloth does not make the priest

To have a pure heart is what it means to be free
Free of the slavery of misery and cruelty turning brothers into enemies

We are one, living in one place wearing different faces
We walk different paths but we all walk the same grass
The unity of our species is often forgotten
Just how lucky we have been…

A poem

I feel a bit heavy again
I have rain in my eyes
And it’s like I can’t hold back the clouds
From raining down my face
What’s this feeling I can’t place?
Is there a moment of grace
Somewhere awaiting my next breath?
Because I think I’m missing something I need
The very air I breathe
Should be enough to wake me from foggy feeling

I’m usually vague when I write
I try to keep things ordered tight

I don’t want to lose the thread
But I need to get this out of my head

Like how I judge the…

A poem

Be gentle in your restlessness
Be subtile in the morning
When the light pierces through your window
When the flow of the morning doe
Leads beneath the verge of all you know

Who in this world would dare to say
That they would not give their life away
For a second of grace
A true second of grace
The truest they’ve ever worn on their face?

Restlessness, what is your opposite ?
Is it peace?
Is that who you are underneath?

I can’t say what I don’t mean
Sometimes I get this sense that nothing is real
Will we wander or…

A poem

I like to think God is a painter
I don’t paint myself, I mean professionally
But sometimes it feels like ice water in summer
To put a bright color next to another mindlessly

Red runs in our blood
It rules over us like love
Rite of passage of every girl in the world
Color of extremes it seems
Bleed, love, fight and run
It even seeps into the sun

Yellow is the opposite of the shadow
High in the sky it shines on and on
Optimism and joy, keep on don’t let go
The sun reminds you there’s more brightness than you know…

A poem about almost lovers

Gorgeous moonlight on my skin
And a breath of fresh air
The very thought of letting you in
Takes me back to what was once there

Stare and stare why don’t you
Breathing me in like you do
Why do you turn your eyes away like that
When you say something you can’t take back ?

In the morning I waited for word from you
By noon I knew
There is a reason you always run like you do
Deep in your bones you know I terrify you
I won’t let you hide away
I challenge you to stay

A poem

My my my
Haven’t you seen the light
When the storm went out
A whole life free of doubt
Lit up right before your eyes

You were blind now you see
Release this misery you carry
Hold gratefulness in your heart until there is no vacancy
Not for misery not for anxiety
Only room for serendipity

You are a stranger reading these words
I don’t know you anymore than I know my shadow
But you can be as free as the birds
Breath in and release to let go

I don’t mean to sound authoritative
I only mean to give you…

A poem

Guidelines and starlight
Music sweeps the streets at night
Paint a picture for me
The prettiest you’ve ever seen

Dance along the wonderous frost of the light
See the shimmering power of its might
Pin you down

Open your eyes

You just gained sight
You were walking blind
For such a long time
Did you think you could see?
You see this world and all you see is misery and you think you can see?
And this pile of sadness and anxiety you call it reality?
Have you forgotten reality is many?
Reality is perspective and perspectives are plenty



I like to write. Luceat Lux Vestra

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